Friday, October 18, 2013

What Do I Fill My Sensory Bin With?

There are so many fillers for sensory bins that I could not possible make a crazy long list.
What I will do are give some examples that will provoke your thought.
You can leave ideas for each other in the comment section too!

Natural Items are my top choice for fillers.
rice, beans, grains, seeds, water, dirt, mud, snow, leaves, grass, rocks, shells, dry pastas,
oatmeal, legumes, cornmeal, flour, cotton balls, flower petals . . .

Adding scents have a dramatic effect on retaining information and really add to the experience!
You could add things that you have around your home like;
coffee, cinnamon, apple pie spice, Italian or Mexican spice mix, lemon rind.

You can purchase essential oils that can be mixed into dry or wet mixes such as
cornstarch and water goop, slime (hair gel), shaving cream, moon sand, cooked pasta and water.

Dont forget to use food coloring for your sensory bin projects too! (and glitter)

Other Filler ideas are;
Easter grass, shredded paper, wooden beads, tissue paper, aquarium gravel, confetti, strips of fabric, plastic beads, pom poms, cut sponges, marbles or glass beads, water beads, jello . . .

What other great ideas do you have? Share them i the comments :)

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